"Unbelievable ... what fun we had at the Montana Guest House.  The mountains, pastures, river, activities ... everything surpassed our imagining.  Loved the comfortable house, the views, the shopping and eating, golfing, hiking, and fishing.  Such an exceptional family time."    
Judy and Del, AZ

"We had a marvelous time this last year and the weather was delightful!  So God willing, we will go again, making this our 17th time!  I have the Red Lodge webcam on my "favorites" list and visit there at least once a day, and swear I can smell for certain the mountain air.  Needless to say, we love Montana and especially the ranch."
Mike and Marcie, IN

"We had a good trip home,but it was sad to leave your lovely ranch.  If we are able we will  return and we will recommend it to anyone who is interested in a vacation in that part of the country.  I still think it is the best kept secret in vacation destinations."
Ed and Judy, VA

"My heart aches to feel the cool water again,  and hike in the serene beauty.  Just wonderful!"
Cathie and Tristan, AZ